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The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme prepares the students to take up positions as Systems Analysts, Systems Designers, Software Engineers, Programmers and Project Managers in any field related to information technology. We had therefore imparted you the comprehensive knowledge covering the skills and core areas of computer science courses with equal emphasis on the theory and practice. The MCA students are encouraged to spend at least six man-months working on a project preferably in a software industry or any research organization. The courses studied and the mini project handled by you the comprehensive background to work on diverse application domains.

Approval of the project proposal is mandatory to continue and submit the project work.

The theoretical background of various courses provides you the necessary foundation, principles, and practices to develop effective ways to solve computing problems. The hands on experience gained from the practical courses provides you the knowledge to work with various operating systems, programming languages, software tools and testing tools.



  • Real Estate Management System

  • Inventory Management System

  • Hospital management System

  • Retail Management System

  • Online Education System

  • VOIP Based Predictive Dialer

  • Light & Sound Control System

  • College Management System

  • Hotel Management System

  • Tour & Travel Software

  • HR Payroll Management System

  • Time Table Management System

  • Attendance Management System

  • Restaurant Billing System

  • Shopping Mall Billing System

  • E-Shop Portal

  • Student Database Management System

  • Online Job Portal

  • Library Management System

  • Fee Management System

  • Car Parking Management System

  • Matrimonial Web Portal

  • Export/Import ERP Solution

  • Income Tax Software

  • Customer Enquiry Management System


  1. Project Proposal Formulation

 The project proposal should be prepared in consultation with your guide. The

project proposal should clearly state the project objectives and the environment of the

proposed project to be undertaken. The project work should compulsorily include the

software development. The project proposal should contain complete details in the

following form:

 Proforma for Approval of Project Proposal (see page no.5) duly filled and signed by both

the student and the Project Guide with date.

 Bio-data of the project guide with her/his signature and date.

 Synopsis of the project proposal (15-20 pages) covering the following aspects:

(i) Title of the Project.

(ii) Introduction and Objectives of the Project.

(iii) Project Category (RDBMS/OOPS/Networking/Multimedia/Artificial

Intelligence/Expert Systems etc.).

(iv) Tools/Platform, Hardware and Software Requirement specifications.

(v) Problem Definition, Requirement Specifications (Detailed functional

Requirements and Technical Specifications), Project Planning and Scheduling

(Gantt chart and PERT chart).

(vi) Scope of the solution.

(vii) Analysis (Data Models like 0, 1 and 2 level DFDs, Complete ER Diagrams with

cardinality, Class Diagrams etc. as per the project requirements).

(viii) A complete Database and tables detail with Primary and Foreign keys, and proper

constraints in the fields (as per project requirements)

(ix) A complete structure which includes:

 Number of modules and their description to provide an estimation of the

student’s effort on the project. Along with process logic of each Module.

 Data Structures as per the project requirements for all the modules.

 Process Logic of each module.

 Implementation methodology

 List of reports that are likely to be generated.


(x) Overall network architecture (if required for your project)

(xi) Implementation of security mechanisms at various levels

(xii) Future scope and further enhancement of the project.

(xiii) Bibliography

 A self-addressed envelope with duly affixed postage stamps (to send it by ordinary post

only) on it.

  1. Project proposal completed in all aspects with necessary enclosures should be sent to the

Regional Director of the Regional Centre concerned. While posting your proposal to your

Regional Centre, on the top of the envelope you should mention “MCA Project Proposal

(MCSP-060)”. Under no circumstances, should the project proposal be sent to SOCIS,

IGNOU, New Delhi.

  1. A project proposal, once approved, is valid for one year (two slots). In case, a student is

unable to submit her/his project report as per the slot, s/he may be given another chance for

submission of the project report in the subsequent slot. If s/he still does not submit the

project report, a fresh synopsis approval is needed.

  1. All entries of the proforma of approval should be filled up with appropriate and complete

information. Incomplete approval-proforma in any respect will be summarily rejected.

  1. A photocopy of the complete Project Proposal (along with Project Proforma, Project

Synopsis, Bio-data of the guide) submitted to your Regional Centre, should be retained by

the student for future reference.

  1. The evaluated project proposal proforma along with the details of Approved/Disapproved

will be sent to the student within 4-6 weeks after the proposal is received at Regional Centre

concerned. In case if it is disapproved, the suggestions for reformulating the project will be

communicated to the student. Revised project proposal proforma, synopsis, bio-data of the

guide with her/his signature on it, should be sent along with the original copy/photocopy of

the non-approved proforma of the earlier project proposal, to the Regional Centre


  1. The project is a part of your final semester (6th semesters) curriculum. Students are eligible

to submit the project proposals after entering the 5th semester of MCA as per the calendar.

  1. In case the students require any project trainee letter from the University for doing a project

in any organization/software company, they can get a “Project Trainee letter” (Refer

page 21) attested by the Project Coordinator/Regional Director / Asst. Regional Director.

  1. Please ensure that at any given point of time, a guide should not provide guidance for

more than 5 MCA students of IGNOU.

  1. Violation of the project guidelines will lead to the rejection of the project at any stage.

1. Project Report Formulation:
The project report should contain the following:
(i) Original copy of the Approved Proforma and Project Proposal.
(ii) Bio-data of the guide with her/his signature and date.
(iii) Certificate of Originality (Format given on Page 23).
(iv) Project documentation.
(v) A CD consisting of the executable file(s) of the complete project should be attached
on the last page of the project report. In no case, it should be sent separately. The
student needs to retain the identical copy of the CD that should be carried while
appearing for the viva-voce along with the project report.
2. The project documentation may be about 100 to 125 pages (excluding coding). The
project documentation details should not be too generic in nature. Appropriate project report
documentation should be done, like, how you have done the analysis, design, coding, use
of testing techniques/strategies, etc., in respect of your project. To be more specific,
whatever the theory in respect of these topics is available in the reference books should be
avoided as far as possible. The project documentation should be in respect of your
project only. The project documentation should include the topics given below. Each and
every component shown below carries certain weightage in the project report evaluation.
 Table of Contents/Index with page numbering
 Introduction/Objectives
 System Analysis
 Identification of Need
 Preliminary Investigation
 Feasibility Study
 Project Planning
 Project Scheduling (PERT Chart and Gantt Chart both)
 Software requirement specifications (SRS)
 Software Engineering Paradigm applied
 Data models (like DFD), Control Flow diagrams, State Diagrams/Sequence
diagrams, Entity Relationship Model, Class Diagrams/CRC Models/Collaboration
Diagrams/Use-case Diagrams/Activity Diagrams depending upon your project
 System Design
 Modularisation details
 Data integrity and constraints
 Database design, Procedural Design/Object Oriented Design
 User Interface Design
 Test Cases (Unit Test Cases and System Test Cases)
 Coding
 SQL commands for (i) database creation (along with constraints), (ii) data insertion
in tables and (iii) access rights for different users.
 Complete Project Coding
 Comments and Description of Coding segments
 Standardization of the coding
 Code Efficiency
 Error handling
 Parameters calling/passing
 Validation checks
 Testing
 Testing techniques and Testing strategies used
 Testing Plan used
 Test reports for Unit Test Cases and System Test Cases
 Debugging and Code improvement
 System Security measures (Implementation of security for the project developed)
 Database/data security
 Creation of User profiles and access rights
 Cost Estimation of the Project along with Cost Estimation Model
 Reports (sample layouts should be placed)
 Future scope and further enhancement of the Project
 Bibliography
 Appendices (if any)
 Glossary.
 Should attach a copy of the CD containing the executable file(s) of the complete
3. The project report should normally be printed with single line spacing on A4 paper (one
side only). All the pages, tables and figures must be numbered. Tables and figures should
contain titles.
4. If any project report is received in the absence of the approved project proposal proforma
(in original), project synopsis, bio-data of the guide with her/his signature on it,
certificate of originality and CD it will be summarily rejected and returned to the student
for compliance.
5. Through out the project report, the title of the project should be the same as per the
approved synopsis. Signature of the Project Guide in the Certificate of Originality should
match with the signature in the Project Proposal proforma also.
6. Only one copy of the original project report in the bound form along with the CD
(containing the executable file(s) of the project should be enclosed in the last page) is to be
submitted to the Regional Director of the Regional Centre concerned through registered
insured post by the date mentioned in the Calendar for the project. One photocopy of the
same Project Report and the CD containing the executable file(s) must be retained by the
student, which should be produced before the examiner at the time of viva-voce.
7. A photocopy of the project report is not acceptable for submission. Kindly mention on the
top of the envelope MCA PROJECT REPORT (MCSP-060). This will facilitate sorting
out project reports received by the Regional Director.
8. Preferably, not more than one student is permitted to work on a project. However, in
case a project is comprehensive enough that requires one human-year or more time for its
completion, then as per requirements of six human-months per student, at most two students
13 may work on the same project. In this regard, prior recommendation is mandatory and
must be obtained from the MCA Project Coordinator, SOCIS, Block-C,
Visveswarayya Bhawan, IGNOU Academic Complex, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi –
110068 by sending the complete synopsis by both the students along with a hand-written
9. If 2 students have been allowed to work on a project, the project synopsis and project
reports by them must include only different modules undertaken/worked upon individually.
Each student must submit a separate project proposal and a separate project reports related
to her/his modules. Completely identical project synopsis and/or project reports are not
allowed. Only introductory and possibly concluding remarks may be similar or common.
Each student has to undergo all the phases/stages of the software project development life
cycle. In this case, both the students must attach the prior recommendation obtained
from the MCA Project Coordinator along with the synopsis should be sent to the
Regional Centre concerned for evaluation. A single copy of the project synopsis and/or
project report comprising of work of two or more students shall not be entertained.
Violation of these project guidelines may lead to the rejection of the project
at any stage.
10. Students are advised not to pay any fees/remuneration to the Project Guide as the University
has the provision for paying remuneration to the guide, for whom a format is being,
enclosed (Refer Page 19).
11. Student should be involved in each and every phase of Project Development. If it is found
that student is not involved in any phase for example coding phase, it may lead to the
rejection/disqualifying of the project at any stage.
12. Title of the project should be kept the same throughout the project.


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